An elusive doe appears to be making Valley Pond her home

Hind end of a doe in Valley Pond

Robbie spotted a doe wandering among the cattails around the pond last Saturday. I tried to get close for a photo but the doe spotted me and took cover. Crappy photo, I know.

A few hours later, when I was taking photos of the sunset after the thunderstorm, Gene Moninger said he saw her just a few minutes prior.  He subsequently attached a comment:

The doe you were chasing came back this afternoon; ran very quickly from Heritage St.-north past the path and up the hill to Peterson St. Got those dogs excited! Don Starkweather caught a glimpse also, but alas, no cameras handy.

I blogged Gene and Earlene’s photo of a doe and her fawn a year ago and a month later, Robbie blogged her photo of a doe in our backyard.

I’m determined to get the best photo!

4 thoughts on “An elusive doe appears to be making Valley Pond her home

  1. You are going to have to be quicker on your feet… no more loafing on the sofa!

  2. At 6:30 Thurs am, John and I saw the doe and a very new fawn right in our back yard (2012 Lincoln). By the time I got my camera they were in Bauers yard so the 3 photos I got were not great. They saw me and then went around the corner of the pond and hid in the reeds. It was fun to see the baby who had trouble keeping up with “mama”. I don’t know how to post the photos but I could email them to Wigleys.

    Cheryl B

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    That’s great to hear. It really does seem that they’ve made the pond their home for now.

    You can attach a photo to the form on our contact page:

    If you have more than one, you can either put the photos into a zip file and attach that or just use the form twice.

  4. I saw a huge deer last Sunday around 4 pm waltzing through the quad homes on Heritage Drive. It’s a known trail for the local cats, as I have observed for many years now.

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