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Agenda for the next meeting, allowing comments by members to request that an issue be discussed.

April Board Meeting

Proposed Agenda for April 14th, 2009 VPTA Meeting –  to be held at Rinae Noyes, 2104 Lincoln St South, on April 14th at 7:00 pm

Approval of minutes from the March 10th, 2009 meeting


  1. Bookkeeper search – Anne and Steve
  2. Report on the Audit Committee – Anne
  3. Amendment to by-laws to allow non-board members as officers – Sherry
  4. Report from Nominating Committee – Earl
  5. Insurance quote – Robbie
  6. Annual Meeting – Sherry

Click to open a PDF of these documents:

First Amendment to the VPTA Bylaws

Proposed letter to accompany Bylaw change

March VPTA Board Meeting

Is it over with?  Spring just has to be around the corner!

3-5-2009-12-14-25-pmThe monthly board meeting will be held on March 10th at 7:00pm.  It will be at Robbie and Griff Wigley’s, 1133 Heritage Drive.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Please click to see  the proposed March agenda .

**Please note that there is an addition to the adgenda that is posted.  We will be discussing the up comming renewal of the VPTA insurance policy.