Valley Pond Townhome Association

Category: Maintenance

  • Are we killing our trees with mulch?

    I just ran across this instructive video on the proper way to mulch around a tree.  We have quite a few young trees in the Association that may need to be checked.  It is a pretty simple fix.

  • Storm Water Ponds! Could this be us?

    The Star and Tribune  has long article in today’s paper that some metro areas have storm-water ponds that are chemical soups of pesticides, fertilizers, pet wastes, oil, grease and other contaminants.  Driveway sealants play a big part in this contamination.  Click on the red headline to be taken to the entire article. Metro storm-water ponds…

  • Arbor Day Tree Giveaway of Native Tree Saplings

    Arbor Day Tree Giveaway of Native Tree Saplings April 30 & May 1 @ Just Food Friday, April 30, 3-6p.m. AND Saturday, May 1, 10am-1pm (or until they run out of trees) in the front of the store, 516 Water St S. Cost: FREE To encourage the planting of native hardwood trees in our community,…

  • Snowplowing for our driveways

    I’ve been really pleased with the snowplowing service for our townhouse association thus far this year.  Not only is the plowing done promptly in the early morning (usually before 6 am). But they return to plow again after the city streets have been plowed and the edge of the driveways are filled with the heavy…

  • New paint

    Robbie picked out the colors and after a thumbs-up from the Valley Pond Association board, our unit of four townhomes got a paint job this fall.