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Agenda for the June 9th Board Meeting

Agenda for June 9th, 2009 VPTA Meeting

Old Business:

  1. Nomination and election of officers
  2. Review of committee members
  3. Review of audit committee report
  4. Insurance quote
  5. Flowers for Jean Leese – Sherry

New Business:

  1. Fire in bldg. 2
  2. Driveway sealcoating
  3. Lawn Care information on blog
  4. Board rep. guidelines

Please call or email Gary Freking, 645-6128, if you have additional items to be discussed.

The meeting will be at  1900 Lincoln St. S…  on the Freking’s Deck at 7:00 pm.


Northfield Shade Tree Replacement Program

I paid another visit to the NESNA website that I referred to in the last post.  Ed Lufkin does a terrific job of keeping the site current.  I found this  information on their site about the Northfield Shade Tree Replacement Program.  The trees are still available for purchase from the city until the 17th.  Visit their website to get all the particulars. 

This year’s program will offer 102 trees of 8 – 10 ft. (typical trunk diameter of 1- ¼ inches) from nine different species (see list below). Trees are offered for sale to residential property owners only, at a discounted price that includes the locating of utility lines, and planting (and a first watering) of trees by the City Street Department crews.

This looks like a really great program, does anyone have any experience with purchasing these shade trees from the city.  I am all for letting them plant them. Here is the cities information on their website, however I found the info on NESNA more informative or at least more organized.