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Deer in Hidden Valley Park

deer-pond2 Gene and Earlyne Moninger have spotted deer around the Hidden Valley Park pond three times this week. They managed to get some photos, including this one of a doe and her fawn. Click to enlarge.






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  1. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    Thanks so much for sending this photo Gene and Earlyne. The tall grass blocks our view of this part of the pond so it is great to see the wild life. Keep us posted if you see them again. You can add a comment right here and can actually post a picture. If you prefer, just send the pictures to us and we will get them up.

  2. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    Deer Alert
    I just had a small doe in my bird feeders. Darn I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo. 6:30 pm on Monday. Keep your eyes open, they seem to be sticking around.