More wildlife at the pond

Adeer-resized few weeks ago Griff posted about the deer around the pond. This is an afternoon picture of a young doe; she was bumping the feeders with her nose to get the seed to spill.  I was just barely quick enough to catch her leaving the yard.

We also have one or now we think more than one raccoon that loves grape jelly.  He has been raiding my Oriole feeder every night and is quite messy.  Sticky grape paw prints everywhere!  Well we celebrated his capture and subsequent release many miles away…  he/she was not a happy camper.  We had put a rug down so that it didn’t tear up my outdoor rug on the deck.  That worked but it took half an hour to get it out of the bars on the cage…  it had pulled it through every little hole on the bottom of the cage.