Spring Memories

I thought I would post some of my pictures of wildlife from last spring.  I am anxious to see green grass and critters.  There are some birds I have no idea what they are….  maybe someone can let me know.  If you have some pictures..  please share them by either commenting or sending them to me to put up on the post.  Click to play this short slide show.

3 thoughts on “Spring Memories

  1. The pictures of Aflec growing up are so great. This is such a nice addition to the association.

  2. Robbie – we spotted a doe and very young fawn this morning (around 10:15).

    They were in the grass east of the willow tree and near the single clump of water grass that is presently in the mud. We have not seen this in the past couple of years.

  3. Wow, Earlyne, how great. Next time you have to have your camera ready. Thanks for letting us know!


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