The Shopper

The Shopper is a free publication that is delivered every week.  Does it pile up at your front door?  Do you see it as a waste of paper, energy and time or are you someone who enjoys the publication and reads it. 

img_14551Last year we became concerned that even when we were gone the paper was delivered.  We saw this as an indication that there was no one home.  As we looked around we saw that there were many places that the paper just piled up at the front door, in the bushes and in the driveway, even when people were home.  This was  especially evident in the winter when the garage is so frequently used to enter the home.  Griff contacted the Northfield news and discovered that we could indeed cancel the Shopper.  Here is a link to the original post on Locally Grown.  Visit this link to read the story.  So far it has been successful most of the time.  The delivery person needs a reminder every now and then.