One thought on “The stormwater pond in Hidden Valley Park does its job

  1. Great pictures Griff, I tried to get a few too and I’m not sure about the other sides of the pond but on our end (building #1) we experienced the water up over the banks, across the foot path and onto our back yard…..had it rained much more I was seriously thinking we were in big trouble. Water was at least 1 – 2 feet high in front of our house on the road (Hidden Valley Drive) due to a low curb, storm drain being over-loaded and backed up into the already full pond. Quite the dilemma. Water from the street could not drain into the pond because the pond’s inflow pipe is underwater.
    We were experiencing water coming up to our house from the front and back and a bit more rain and we’d be toast. Perhaps we need to raise this side of the ponds edge? Please reply with your thoughts……

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