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Valley Pond Blog “The Beginning”

We launched this blog site February 8 and so far have had a lot of  fun looking at the potential.  We have had quite a few “Comments” posted, put up the Association minutes, the Membership list (behind password protected page) and have included a number of links to Northfield sites that came to mind as useful for our population.  Please feel free to send ideas and concerns, things you would like included.  I thought it might be good to have a fact page with garbage pick up and recycling days.  Maybe you have other needs so please share them.  You can use the contact me page on the right side bar or you can add a comment to this post.

This site is in it’s baby stages….    help it grow!






14 responses to “Valley Pond Blog “The Beginning””

  1. Gary Freking Avatar
    Gary Freking

    Good start!!

  2. Griff Wigley Avatar

    Hey Gary, congrats on being the first to add a comment.

    We’re a long way from being ready but we’ll get there!

  3. Robbie Wigley Avatar

    Hey Gary… this is great. Griff took some pictures today and if you have some too, send them on over. Thanks for being the first one to post. Check out the rest of the site… we are adding things as we think of them. Be sure and send suggestions too.

  4. Jim Pence Avatar
    Jim Pence

    Griff and Robbie,

    This is nice, thanks for taking the initiative in creating this wonderful tool of communication, I hope others jump on board too.

  5. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    Thanks Jim… we all do our part. I just password protected the information about the members and committees. You might want to test it. I will send you an email with the password.

  6. Jim Pence Avatar
    Jim Pence

    Just confirmed from “here” that the password protected documents are secure. Using the password makes it easy to get in and access important information. Good Job Griff and Robbie.

  7. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    Thanks for testing this out Jim. Anyone who wants the password can email me at and I will send it to you.

  8. Anne Krause Avatar
    Anne Krause

    The pictures are such a nice touch. This will be helpful for new people moving into our association too.

  9. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    What does everyone think about a page with important information like garbage pick up day and anything else we might want to add.

  10. Jim Pence Avatar
    Jim Pence

    I think a web page for “details” about the association would be wonderful.
    Perhaps we could find a way to put the By-laws on the site also in PDF format?
    And the Annual report somewhere too?
    Hey? How can I get a cool picture like you and Griff?


  11. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    Thanks Jim, maybe we can start a list of the things that should be included in the “details” page.

    The By-laws and all the other documents are in the process of being included. Anne scanned them and I am now trying to figure out how to consolidate them into a single PDF instead of 43 pages etc. I am going to put in another post later about how to get a gravitar… which is the picture you are talking about. Watch for the post.

  12. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    Love your Gravatar Jim…. now how hard was that?! Who is next.

  13. Gene Bauer Avatar
    Gene Bauer

    Robbie, this was my first opportunity to take a leisurely look at the VPTA website – it’s well-done, informative and interesting. I can only imagine how much time it took! It is especially nice to have all of the documents, minutes, etc., available online.

    I liked all the photos and comments about birds. More than a hundred have been seen and identified in and around the pond. Don Starkweather has kept a list and perhaps he could share it with us.

    Under one of the photos, you ask if anyone knows what bird it is. It is a Brown Thrasher. Elsewhere, you mention having seen “Pine Grosbeaks.” If so, it would be a remarkable finding. My records show that the last accepted report was on November 27, 1965. Could this have been a House or Purple Finch?

    I note that the name of the web page is Valley Pond Townhouse Assoc. All of the documents refer to our association as Valley Pond Townhome Assoc. I am curious about the significance of the change for the website.

    Keep up the fine work.

  14. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    Good catch on the title Gene, thanks for you comments. I just changed it.

    If that is true then you know I am sure it was not a Pine Grosbeak… it is hard to tell when you are looking at a book and using binoculars. I can’t tell the difference between the Purple Finch and the House Finch and I am real new at this interest. I am going to go look up Brown Thrasher right now. I knew it was different then anything I had seen and had a really hard time taking a picture. Do you have any pictures that we could put up, I can scan them. I would love to put up Don’s list too. Maybe he has pictures too. I have been hoping you would look at the birds and lend your expertise.

    I just saw the white duck take off yesterday… amazed he stayed through the winter.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at the site and I welcome any comments and suggestions. There is a lot more we can do.

    We can set up a password protected Base Camp where the board can discuss issues for the meetings and be prepared for when they roll around. Or for when issues come up in between meetings.

    Thanks again and welcome…. now we just have to get you and Anne a gravatar!