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Winter plowing of trails

Hidden Valley Park trail
Hidden Valley Park trail
Truman Park Trail
Truman Park Trail

I noticed last month that the trail around Hidden Valley Pond does not get plowed by the City of Northfield in the winter. However, the trails through the adjacent Heritage Park to our southeast and Truman Park to the northeast both get plowed.

Anyone know the City of Northfield’s rationale on trail plowing in the winter?






2 responses to “Winter plowing of trails”

  1. Anne Krause Avatar
    Anne Krause

    The last I heard a request had been made by parents in the area to leave the snow on the trail so the hill could be used for sledding. Most of those children are older and are no longer using the hill. Maybe the city would start clearing the trail again?

  2. Robbie Wigley Avatar
    Robbie Wigley

    I think it would be worth a try because there are so many people who walk the trail. It would make it easier to pick up after the dogs too.